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Bulger Rumor Changes Draft

By Eric Tellez for
28 April 2011

I'm not really sure how it happened, not really sure if it could even happen legally, but apparently Baltimore Ravens quarterback Marc Bulger is rumored to be coming to Arizona next season. This could prove to great or disaterous but for some reason when I read the comment my first instinct was to flinch and say "What about Gabbert? What about the future?" And then I remembered the up-and-mostly down season of Derek Anderson and I flinched again. Bulger would be an upgrade and is a seasoned vet. But Anderson was too and Gabbert has so much upside. Life as a Cardinals fan is not easy.

I don't really care what the record says, we are not a team in need of "rebuilding". We are not that different from where we were in our Super Bowl year. But it just so happens that the needs we have are in very critical areas. Would Gabbert fix that? With the success that Matt Ryan had in Atlanta and Joe Flacco had in Baltimore it's not impossible to think we could be in contention again. Would Marc Bulger work as a temporary fill-in while Gabbert adjusted? Where does that leave John Skelton? Perhaps they could trade Skelton and get more picks, this year the Cardinals only have 6-selections and he looked solid in the games he played.

Who would of thought that in 2011 the draft would change drastically because of a Marc Bulger rumor.

Eric Tellez is a team reporter from Las Cruces, NM. He has been contributing on for 2-years. Feel free to email him at to talk football anytime.