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Get A Quarterback

by Eric Tellez for NFLMIX.COM

Going into the draft the Arizona Cardinals are faced with one of their most important off-seasons in team history. We need a quarterback and we need one now! Be it by draft, by trade, or by development we need to save this team while there's still time.

You see, life hasn't been easy for Arizona Cardinals fans. The past 60-seasons has produced just 12-teams with records above .500. Sixty years has manage to produce only 6 playoff wins and 4 division titles. Looking at the team decade-by-decade you can see what I'm talking about;

1950's - 033 Wins, 084 Loses, 3 Ties
1960's - 067 Wins, 063 Loses, 8 Ties
1970's - 069 Wins, 071 Loses, 4 Ties
1980's - 062 Wins, 088 Loses, 2 Ties
1990's - 057 Wins, 103 Loses
2000s - 067 Wins, 109 Loses

As a fan growing-up the low point for me must have been the early 1990's when Arizona finished last in the NFC East in 1990, 1991, and 1992. If the Dallas Cowboys had not been so terrible in 1989 the Cards could have finished last in FOUR straight seasons. The high point? Chris Jacke kicking the Cards into the playoffs on the last play of the 1998 season and one week later Jake Plummer took the flock down to Dallas for one of the biggest upsets in playoff history. Other than that, there hadn't been much to celebrate.

But the past few years have proven to be much easier on us; in 2008 we won the NFC West before going on to winning four playoff games and coming within 1-play of winning the Super Bowl. 2009 provided another division title and a playoff win against Green Bay in one of the most exciting games I'd ever watched.

In 2010 we came back down to Earth, going 5-11 and finishing last in the division for the 18th time in team history. Could Kurt Warner have been THAT important for us to fall so far, so fast? This team still has the talent to compete, and among the Rams, Niners, and Seahawks there are no clear favorites to win the division next season. Getting the quarterback question answered this season will mean the difference between a single bad season and a return to the depths of the NFC West.

In other words, we've waited far too long to start winning and don't want to go back to the cellar because of one position!

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